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Became a Salvage Diver after 1993 and held a dual position as a diver in the Civilian world and an instructor for the Marine Corps Reserve. Worked at several tier one contractor positions and consulted for foreign military. I have been in the Bastrop area for about 5 years working as a Combat Marksmanship Instructor for 3rd BN 136 REG RTI at Camp Swift Bastrop and the Lead SME for the Governors 20 marksmanship shooting team, competing in  Sustainment training competitions at State level, Regional level, nationally and internationally level in Pistol, Rifle, Machine Gun and Sniper systems. Year "2014" I led the Marksmanship training of 3,800 troops going overseas and to various border missions including Volunteers from Texas State Guard. I am currently serving with Charlie Company 5th BN19th SF.

We offer Tactical Night Hog Ground Hunts and Helicopter Day Hunts 

Come on out and learn to shoot safely
​and diligently for fun and to protect yourself
and those you love!

apart completely inspected, cleaned, put back together, and function checked before said work will be started...understand that when you say "I cleaned it"... does that mean you completely disassembled it while cleaning all individual parts and if so... did you inspect them for wear... if you did you will need to sign a waiver stating so. Our services are as follows:


2-3 day courses

The Comfort Course is for first time shooters and to refresh shooters to learn  Firearms safety, how to handle, load, unload your weapon and start a good marksmanship foundation.

The Marksmanship Courses offered are Short Range, Long Range and Squad Designated. Courses are designed to provide specialized tactics, weapon use, and targeting.

Hello my name is George Holley Jr "Buddy";

I went into the Marine Corps straight out of high school. Served in combat during Desert Storm in Iraq and few other unmentioned locations there after...

August 18th comfort course



Day & night

HOG hunts

The services i provide are not hurried nor rushed unless prior arrangements and payment are made. I provide a complete detailed service on all request...if I recieve your firearm for work, it will be first taken

The LTC Course is a graded course to teach the  laws of CHL/LTC handgun use and show us your proficiency in  handling  and shooting of your weapon.

Comfort Course

1 day course



Our Gun Smithing Services include:

  • Full service repairs
  • Accurazation of weapons
  • New custom Builds from your serialized reciver or frame
  • Prices upon request


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License to Carry

1 day course

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