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5 star Reviews

It had been a long time since I had regularly fired my gun. Experience was just what I wanted: knowledgeable, friendly, personalized. - Andrea Cole Bastrop TX

Buddy,thank you for all of your help and incouragment. I am so happy that I chose your class over others. I will be sure and recommend your company to my friends and my customers. I have one of your flyers at the ready at the store. Such a blast Sarah! Look forward to more range time with you! Sarah Chalmers Bastrop TX

 I am a Certified CHL Instructor/Certified Firearms Instructor/Certified Chief Range Safety Officer; who attended and observed Buddy's CHL Course, both in the classroom and on the Range. The course covered all of the requisite areas required by DPS. The Instructor was direct, professional and engaged his students for the entire class. Without exception each person in the class stayed attentive and likewise engaged as Buddy interjected Real World situations into a required format that is normally dry and somewhat mind numbing. I observed none of that effect in his students. Even at breaks the students continued to engage by asking additional questions and discussing the preceding subject matter among themselves. In his class there is no free breakfast, lunch or deep discounts as an inducement to take his course. This is a class for students who understand the importance of receiving the best instruction and follow up available in their pursuit of their Carry Permit. His Private Range affords a level of privacy and supervision generally not afforded at Public Ranges. Mr. Holley has my full endorsement! - John Spague, Del Valley, TX

This class was fabulous. Buddy, the instructor, was excellent. He kept our attention, answered all our questions, was patient with us, and we learned so much that will be helpful. The entire experience far exceeded our expectations. It was a long day and we were never bored. The instructor is a genuinely nice guy and an excellent teacher. I will registered for other classes that he teaches. - Missy Mandell, Austin, TX

 "We received our LTC course (and some additional instruction) as a gift. While my wife has been eager to get her license, and has now qualified, my intention has never been to "carry". But what I gained from the class is an amazing level of knowledge beyond what I previously possessed. I scored 100% on the written and 242 on the proficiency test on the range. I'm a huge believer in the course, the instructor (Buddy) and the level of capability, confidence and safety awareness that I've taken away. Thanks Texas Straight Shooter! -  Pete Hayes, Austin, TX

Outstanding. Buddy is proficient at his trade and explains everything very well. He adapts his instruction to your level. - Sam Kier

I don't have any suggestions on improvement, the class moved at a great pace, Buddy was friendly and personable and range time was a blast ha! I highly recommend. - Hollie Prato

I  have fished with guides all over the world and all the best guides still have a love for what they do every day. You have that passion in spades and it shows. I would hunt with TSS again anytime. I hope to maybe bring my son next time. He would love all the great gear you have, the Jeep and all the tactical night vision stuff. My next bucket list item is to try this from a helicopter. - Ed Coury

Buddy was outstanding. The class was well organized and I learned a lot. The practice session motivated me to go further. -  Sam Kier