Gun Smithing


Our Gun Smithing Services include:

  • Accurization of weapons "pistol or rifle"
  • New custom builds from your serialized fram or receiver
  • Prices upon request


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2-3 day course

Comfort Course

1 day course

apart completely inspected, cleaned, oiled, put back together, and function checked before any said work will be started...understand that when you say I cleaned it... does that mean you completely disassembled it While cleaning all individual parts and if so... did you inspect them for wear... if you did then you will sign a waiver stating so. My services are as follows:

We offer helicopter day hunts and tactical night ground hunts.

The Marksmanship Courses offered are Short Range, Long Range and Squad Designated. Courses are designed to provide specialized weapon use and targeting training.


Day & night hunts

Training & Instruction Courses:

  • License to Carry Course
  • Long Range Marksmanship Course
  • Short Range Marksmanship Course
  • Squad Designated Marksmanship Course
  • Comforter Course for pistol, rifle, and shotgun 

Guns Smithing:

  • Full Service Repair
  • Accurazation of Weapon
  • New Custom Builds

Hunting Trips:

  • Helicopter Day Hunting Trips
  • Tactical Night Ground Hunting Trips

Did you just get your first firearm?

The Comfort Course is for first time shooters to learn the how to handle, load, unload and perform maintenance on your weapon and basic marksmanship.

License to Carry

1 day course

The services we provide are not hurried nor rushed unless prior arrangements and payment are made. we provide a complete detailed service on all request...if we recieve your firearm for work, it will first be taken

The LTC Course is a graded course to teach the  laws of handgun use and how to be proficient in your handling  and shooting of your weapon.


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