Teacher special on comfort course and LTC course combo Get both for 155.00

  • Normally priced at 180.00 you save 25.00
  •  Helping to protect the future.


Tactical women's shoot   $400 two 8 hour range days

  • Not a beginner marksmanship class 
  • situational awareness 
  • gear and its advantages/disadvantages 
  • pistol manipulation and failure drills
  • intro to CQB with pistol 

Full NVG Tactical engagements   $600

  • This is a advanced level shooting course...you must take TSS's comfort courses level 1-3 to sign up. 
  • TSS supplies the weapon ammo and NVG gear if you bring your own it must be approved before reserving a seat in class. 
  • Steel targets good target bad target engagments none gender specific.


927 Main Street Suite B, Bastrop Tx. 78602 US

Low light visibility shooting 1 evening 1 hour before dark until 10pm $300

  • How to manipulate your weapon
  • What gear to use effectively
  • Situational awareness while shooting