1. ​"Special purpose rifle" Bolt action or Semi-Auto rifle from 5.56 to 300WM nothing above that unless specifically discussed.
  2. ​Shooting Mat with shooting bag or something similar
  3. Bipod and tripods or shooting sticks
  4. ​PPE eye and hearing protection preferably electronic Ear Muffs so you can hear instructions.
  5. 200 round count of match grade ammo for best results matched to your rifle
  6. ​Hydration system of some sort but able to carry with...preferably back pack style with ability to carry other gear in it
  7. ​Folding portable chair and sun block and chap stick
  8. Spotting Scope
  9. ​This is not a bench rest shooting class although we will bench your gun for first zeros
  10. ​Appropriate clothing for laying on the ground and walking up to 500 yards and being in the sun
  11. ​Kestrel if you have it and Ballistic app on your phone "STRELOK PRO" is a good one...get the paid version its worth it.Applied Ballistics also is highly recommended Ballistics app.
  12. ​Note Pad, pen, and small calculator or smart phone...any other things forgotten or don't have will work itself out.    

1. ___  Handgun (.22 caliber or larger)

2. ___  50 rounds of ammunition 

3.    ___  Eye Protection

4.    ___  Ear Protection (preferably electronic to hear instructor)

5.    ___  Baseball Cap (Optional)

6.    ___  Drivers License or State ID Card and your Military ID (if applicable)

7.    ___  Military may waive the qualifying process if you have a current pistol range card or a document showing proof of pistol qualifying through the military.  Rifle range cards will not work, it must be pistol range cards. 

The class starts at 8 am and finishes anywhere from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm (please try to show up early so that we can have everyone registered by 8 am.  If you are running behind, please call us to let us know.)

To attend a class, you MUST be on that class dates roster.  To get on the roster, you can  go to registration page or you can call me at 512-649-6000.  Questions will be answered through email texasstraightshooterbastrop@gmail.com , call 512-649-6000 or send a text, but you will not be put on a  calendar roster until you register.  Payment for the class is due at registration.  We can not allow walk ins due to limited space of the classroom.  The registration link is at the top of each page.

Texas Straight Shooter - What to bring

​If you do not have a handgun, you may use one of our handguns for a fee with ammunition. We have 9mm semi autos available. 

You may either bring your own ammunition or buy it from Cross Hairs Texas gun shop.  If you are using one of our guns, you must bring brass ammo, NO STEEL CASED AMMO or RELOADS. 


927 Main Street Suite B, Bastrop Tx. 78602 US